kinemaster app video editing tutorial part 2 video cropping


Hello friends in this article I will tell you how to use cropping feature properly in the kinemaster app when we start video editing in the kinemaster app then sometimes we need to crop the image or video for the proper effect, so we do this with the cropping feature. and if you want to know how to use trimming feature properly in the kinemaster app then read this article video trimming in the kinemaster app.

Kinemaster app cropping feature:-

Cropping feature or tab is available in kinemaster video editing mode, firstly select media file which you want to edit in kinemaster then click on media file which you added for video editing, once you click on the media file then its get selected and you will see cropping option will get appear like below image. 

How to use cropping option properly in the kinemaster app:-

1. when you click on crop option in the kinemaster app you will see there is two option available one is a starting position and the second is end position.

Starting position:- This option is for selecting a starting position of image or video, with this option you can select the starting point of the video.

End position:- This option is for selecting an end position of the image or video

Equal sign:- If you click on the equal sign then video starting position and end position remain the same and whichever position (start or end) is selected will also be set for the other position.

In every situation, video or image move smoothly from the selected starting position to end position, and its giving you zoom out or zoom in effect 

2. You can also use cropping feature for giving zoom in zoom out effect.

3. some time you can use this feature is for showing exact things in the video which you want to highlight.

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